Tryst with my first work place.

It was around 6.00 PM in the evening – just past dusk. I remember myself relaxing in a wooden cradle on the terrace top with a cup of home made vermicelli,watching the sun just leaving his office as he has done with the chores.
Fast forward one year into the present – I still remember it as one of the last most beautiful twilight I have watched for a long time.
Perhaps, that was an omen. Yeah I believe in omens. May be he[the sun] was trying to convey that we may never meet again in such peace .

Now an other 365 days have crossed down the lane, but we [me and the dusk] seldom meet for long conversations. Things have changed. Nowadays, When I sign-off from my
work compressing my forefinger on a device that turns from red to green, his[sun’s] brother would have already taken the charge of this universe and he greets me with a smile as ever – The mighty moon.

Nostalgia interspersed with anecdotes of training days overcame the harsh days of working phase. And my inner conscience voiced out to put the thoughts down.

So, it all started an year back when my mobile’s ambient light sensor has woken up and a small glistering green light began popping. It was an e-mail.
and it read —
I***s Limited [Offer of Employment]. ‘Dear XXXX, Congratulations once again and so on …’
Half of my conscience is still happy, and the other half still whispers ‘You shouldn’t have read that mail’. ;P

11-12-2016, Location-Mysore .

‘Please stand in the line sir’ A Man in his tucked uniform guided me, as I was left in awe watching the extravagantly maintained campus or as what they call ‘World’s largest beautiful corporate university’. It was for the first time my signature seemed more significant when I was asked for on a plethora of documents, and that realised somewhere I am making a transition. Transition from a college into a corporate.

Whether it was the well maintained dorms with fine plush or the vibrant people and their radiance that filled us with abundance happiness all days. And it was sooner or later when Python started eating up our mind’s database that some started to put their skills to test, while the rest felt the name was pretty apt for it.
While some engaged in decoding those assignments and the rest goofing around on those immaculate pathways reasoning out this was not there path.

There used to exist a kind of mystic enigma in the campus that glued our soul, and made it her own. It might be the grandiose buildings that oozed elegance or the plentious greenery and obsessively cleaned paths or the superabundant freedom in ripe friendships that were just born out there.

If the walls of those dorms and court’s could speak, they could speak volumes about the humorous conversations we had and the amount of hullaballo we made.
Somewhere in between clearing those assessments and walking those early morning marathons to morning classes, or in those weekend long rides and evening maggi point chats or those midnight merriment at FC and those weekend movies at multiplex or it might be the voice of corporate footpaths that always seducted you to sit on its lap each day to relish the bright crowd and young night or in between those deep conversations and lengthy walks among vast lanes and wide lawns that we have built some great rapport with people that will stand for the test of time.

Now, in retrospect every dot seems to be connected making a curve that is still finding its way out. This one year has taught many things that we might have missed out,hadn’t we traversed through it. Boon or Bane, it has made us to undergo the sweetness of our first pay cheque. The essence of a job, how menial it may look and the nitty gritty of private sector. And above all it helped us to build a network with people speaking myriad of languages and from multiple origins,upon whom you can bank on a rough day in your life. If I hadn’t printed out that offer letter, I may or may not have missed a great opportunity but for sure have missed some good relations.

For those who are doing good and are going great guns – Congratulations . For the rest who are just sailing by the wind and are yet to find your shore, believe
me a north star is near just waiting to guide. All you need is a bit of perseverance and a tablespoon of hardwork with minimal distraction.

As they say, Everything happens for a reason. Just ease your pulses and upbeat your soul. The world is our oyster.
Great outcomes always occur from spontaneous decisions with playlists and hardwork on repeat.


12-12-2017, Location-Bhubanswar.

The ambient light sensor of my device wokes up again, for an e-mail that read ‘Dear XXXX, Happy Anniversary………..’
Half of my conscience still felt contented, while the other half reminds to brace up your move towards north star. 🙂